The "Oh, wow!" hits of
the 50's and 60's:
The music you forgot that you remember!
Turn off the waffle iron, get the cat out of the way, and click on one of the radio widgets below. Then "dance like no one is watching"!***

Department of Uh-oh....

Radio Terra appears to have undergone a makeover. No radio streams
on it all. Your MKR Staff is researching possible alternatives. Clicking the Radio
Terra button below will be unproductive. The song titles displayed below it,
however, accurately identify what is now playing on Live 365's VIP service.
We plan to fix all this.

Maybe after lunch

Pasted Graphicxx Pasted Graphicxx
via Ad-free (Radio Terra)*xxxxxxxxx via Live 365**xxxxx
(Same music on each, but not necessarily at the same time.)

* Radio Terra requires no passwords and is relatively straightforward to use. But it doesn't work well on some browsers and doesn't work at all outside the U.S. or on smartphones. We recommend the Radio Terra popup player, as the main page often runs video ads with their own audio over the MKR music. (How rude!)

If Radio Terra gives you trouble, we suggest using the other icon, for Live365. It has some issues of its own, most notably, it's slow to launch. But once it is launched, it's pretty reliable. If they make you sign up for a password, we've found that they don't exploit the relationship by sending you a bunch of junk email. And if you sign up for a VIP subscription while listening to us, we'll get the credit (and a slight reduction in our fees next month), and you'll get your music without advertising. Has many features not found on the Radio Terra version.


***Attributed to Satchel Paige (full quote: "Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching.")

A note: Many—probably most— of the songs we play were hits (i.e., charted in Billboard Magazine) in the 50’s and 60’s. But the main goal is to play what a typical middle-of-the-road station was playing during those two decades.

  • Thus, occasionally 40’s material creeps onto our playlist because stations were still playing some of that.
  • Similarly, there were songs that never made the charts that nevertheless got airtime—because middle-of-the-road stations were not as tied to the charts as the rock and rollers. We’re going with our memory on those.
  • And, finally, tunes from the 70’s occasionally fall in because, well, we like them. (Once in a while we've even added something from the 80's. But we felt really guilty about it.)